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Instructables Code a Wiggly Snake

Design and 3D print an articulated snake, of any length!

Instructables Balloon Cars

In this activity, students design and build a balloon-powered car for play or to compete in a performance challenge.

Teachers' Guide on How to Prepare for Online Teaching
All Digital School

“All Digital School” has collected over 1000+ online resources, tools, and platforms to help educators continue providing for the academic needs of students in home-based learning environments. Some of the resources include: Communication Tools for Online Teaching, Online Lesson Plans for Teachers, Educational Apps for Online Teaching, Language Apps for Students, Other Language Apps, Preschool Apps, Quiz/Testing Tools, and Other Online Teaching Tools.

Instructables Candy Casts

In this activity, students will learn the manufacturing process of casting and molding as well as 3D design.

DreamSpace - HomeSpace Series

DreamSpace HomeSpace is an initiative by Microsoft Ireland to help educators, parents and children participate remotely in some of our favourite DreamSpace activities.

Instructables Custom Coins and Medallions

Students use Tinkercad to design and create original coins, medallions, or other decorative items that depict the important features of a person, place, thing, or concept.


Our mission: to help people learn to code for free.

Instructables Rover Design Challenge

In this activity, students design and build electric toy Rovers that run on monorail tracks.

Code HS
Code HS

Code HS is a coding website for kids that delivers a blended learning approach to high school computer science classes.

Instructables Mechanical Cam Toys

Cam toys (aka automata) use hand-powered mechanisms to create cyclical motions that animate a scene.

CSS Grid Garden
Grid Garden

Welcome to Grid Garden, where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden!

Instructables Earbud Buddies

In this activity, students practice the Engineering Design Process on a challenge that is relevant to them, while learning 3D modeling on Tinkercad.

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