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Explore.org: Malibu Cam (Dan Eldon Center for Creative Activism)

Overlooking one of the most notorious surf spots in Malibu, California, Malibu Cam gives surfers the most premier view of Topanga beach to survey the swells of the day and showcases the Pacific Ocean’s most spectacular animals.

Decoding Cancer: Digital Precision Medicine Virtual Lab
Decoding Cancer

In this digital precision medicine lab, students will order tests and examine clinical features of cancers from patients, including gene expression in the cancer and appearance under the microscope, to advise on the best course of treatment.

Be Vape Free: Clearing the Air - A Be Vape Free Virtual Field Trip
Be Vape Free (CVS Health Foundation)

Join us for a real-world virtual learning opportunity to get the facts on the vaping epidemic.

Conservation Station: Internet of Things Virtual Field Trip
Conservation Station

Students will get an exciting look at how the internet they use in their everyday lives can be used to conserve natural resources, protect ecosystems, and create safer, more sustainable communities.

Conservation Station: Smart Cities Virtual Field Trip
Conservation Station

The road to conservation begins with people who live in smart cities. Join us as we delve into what exactly makes a city “smart” and how innovative urban technologies are solving today’s challenges related to the conservation of water and energy.

Explore.org: Live Cams

Explore.org is the world’s leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel.

American Heart Association: Southern Arizona STEM Goes Red – Deep Space Operations
American Heart Association

Take a tour of Lockheed Martin and learn about their work in deep space exploration.

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