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StarTalk: A Conversation with Whoopi Goldberg

Now she joins Star Talk Radio to discuss her love of science and science fiction, her thoughts about space exploration and sending people to Mars, and her role as Guinan on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

AirSpace: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (Season 1, Ep.17)

2 Space Shuttles + 1 asteroid the size of Texas + a dash of 90s rock = the most terribly wonderful space movie of all time?

AirSpace: Rocket Man (Season 1, Ep.16)

AirSpace hosts give their take on First Man, the new biopic about the original Moon-walker Neil Armstrong.

Outside Podcast: Getting Stung By the Nastiest Creatures on Earth

On the new History Channel show Kings of Pain, Rob “Caveman” Alleva and cohost Adam Thorn get bit and stung by the nastiest insects, reptiles, and fish on the planet—on purpose.

Flash Forward: Popnonymous
Flash Forward

Today we go to a future where all pop stars use avatars, clones, robots or cartoons instead of their real bodies and faces.

Flash Forward: Unreel
Flash Forward

This month on Flash Forward, we go to a future where anybody can make a video of you doing anything they want. And that technology is cheap and easy to access. What happens?

Science Rules! Mayim Bialik’s Contract With the Universe
Science Rules!

The star of The Big Bang Theory, Blossom, and the new show Call Me Kat explains how she balances her love of science with her career in acting, and we put her neuroscience Ph.D. to use answering your questions about cognitive disabilities and disorders.

Science Rules! The Science of Bond — James Bond
Science Rules!

Matt Gourley — co-host of the James Bonding podcast, among much else — joins to answer all your questions about the coolest gadgets, the craziest stunts, and the glaringest plot holes.

Science Rules! Natalie Portman Is Keeping Science in the Family
Science Rules!

We discuss Natalie Portman’s early research in chemistry and psychology, her environmental activism, and her strategies to keep her kids’ curiosity alive during the pandemic.

Science Rules! Save the Bears, Save the World!
Science Rules!

There are just eight species of bear on Earth — and when they do well, we do well, according to conservation ecologist Chris Morgan, host of The Wild.

Short Wave: Science Movie Club - 'Twister'
Short Wave (NPR)

The 1996 drama ‘Twister’ got a lot of things wrong…and a few things right.

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