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Prince Ea's Dear Future Generations: Sorry
Prince Ea

From Prince Ea, activist and inspirational spoken word artist, this apology to future generations for the harm we have caused our planet has an incredibly profound and poignant message that we should all pay attention to.

StarTalk: The Science of Star Trek

In this show, Brandon Fibbs reviews the latest Star Trek movie now in theaters, and Lawrence Krauss talks about how Star Trek uses science to explore what is possible in our universe.

StarTalk: Science at the Movies

From the seminal 1902 movie, A Trip to the Moon, to recent blockbusters like James Cameron’s Avatar, science has been a steady source of inspiration throughout the history of film. But how much of the science presented on the silver screen is accurate, and how much is misguided or just plain wrong?

StarTalk: The Physics of Superheroes

Join astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in exploring whether science could let us see through walls like Superman, shoot webs like Spider-Man, disappear like the Invisible Woman, shrink like Ant-Man, stop bullets like Wonder Woman, run as fast as The Flash, or recreate Batman’s amazing technology.

StarTalk: Time Travel at the Movies

According to Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, time travel is possible.

StarTalk: The Physics of Superheroes, the Sequel

Funny how many characters in superhero comics have advanced degrees…

StarTalk: NASA and Nichelle Nichols

Through her ground-breaking role as Star Trek’s Chief Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, Nichelle Nichols became a passionate advocate to get women and minorities involved in real-world space exploration.

StarTalk: Through the Wormhole

Academy-award winning actor Morgan Freeman joins Neil and comic co-host Chuck Nice to discuss his Science Channel program, Through the Wormhole.

StarTalk: The Big Bang Theory

Neil talks with Bill Prady, co-creator and writer of the show, about why he decided to create a show about science geeks and the universal emotions that even theoretical physicists and engineers experience.

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