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i.d.e.a. Museum: Artful Bird Drawings
i.d.e.a. Museum

Learn how to use shadows to create drawings of birds.

Maricopa County School Superintendent

Niki Cuccinotto talks about the Musical Instrument Museum, how STEM fits with music, and how her background in biology led to her work at the MIM.

STEM Pro Live! OdySea on Conservation
Maricopa County School Superintendent

This STEM Pro Live! features STEM professionals from OdySea Aquarium– this time, two specialists involved in conservation efforts through OdySea.

Arizona Science Center: Walking Rainbow
Arizona Science Center

Children will investigate how water molecules paper towels to mix substances in two separate cups.

Arizona Science Center: Oil Spill Clean Up
Arizona Science Center

Oil spills occur when waterways and oceans are polluted by an escape of oil.

Arizona Science Center: Ocean in a Bottle
Arizona Science Center

Create your own ocean biome with this sensory bottle made with objects you may have around the house.

Arizona Science Center: Apple Mummies
Arizona Science Center

Mummification has been around for thousands of years, being conducted by humans, and by nature!

Arizona Science Center: Cookie Excavation
Arizona Science Center

Introduce kids to archaeology by excavating the chocolate chips or candies out of a cookie.

Arizona Science Center: DIY I-Spy Tubes
Arizona Science Center

Keeping your brain active is one of the best ways to improve brain function.

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