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Discovery Education: Virtual Field Trip - Generation Health: How Science Powers Us (AstraZeneca)
Discovery Education

Generation Health: How Science Powers Us is a new partnership between Discovery Education and AstraZeneca that aims to make science personal through a focus on healthy living messaging.

Decoding Cancer: Digital Precision Medicine Virtual Lab
Decoding Cancer

In this digital precision medicine lab, students will order tests and examine clinical features of cancers from patients, including gene expression in the cancer and appearance under the microscope, to advise on the best course of treatment.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Biomedical Engineers
Carnegie STEM Girls

Biomedical Engineers are essential to advancing modern medicine.

Siemens STEM Day: Collaborative Healthcare
Siemens STEM Day

Students will work together to evaluate the effects of collaborative efforts between doctors and robotic technology that is providing advancements in the healthcare atmosphere.

Flash Forward: Piraceuticals
Flash Forward

This episode we go to a future with pirates! This time it’s pharmaceutical pirates.

Flash Forward: The Grey Dawn
Flash Forward

What happens when we outsource care for our aging loved ones to robots, apps and devices?

Flash Forward: Easy Bake Organs
Flash Forward

This episode we take on a future full of bioprinted replacement organs.

Flash Forward: Shock And Awe
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where super-bandages can heal wounds really fast.

Short Wave: The Science Behind The Historic mRNA Vaccine
Short Wave (NPR)

The the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is the first widely-available vaccine to use something called mRNA technology.

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