OpenStax: Algebra and Trigonometry

Algebra and Trigonometry provides a comprehensive exploration of algebraic principles and meets scope and sequence requirements for a typical introductory algebra and trigonometry course.

Crayola: Swirls: Nature's Designs

What happens when you combine an art technique called sgraffito with the beauty of spiral designs in nature?

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona Activity Sheets - State Symbols 2: State Birds
Arizona Game and Fish Department

In 1931, the Legislature selected the cactus wren to be the official state bird of Arizona.

Math Game Time: Jet Ski Addition Race
Math Game Time

Answer the addition problem shown on the screen. The quicker you answer, the faster your jet ski goes!

Math Game Time: Number Balls
Math Game Time

Click on the balls in order from smallest value to largest value.

Math Game Time: Giraffe Pull Tug Team
Math Game Time

Practice telling time and reading a clock!

Math Game Time: Division Derby Math Game
Math Game Time

Division Derby is a free math race game for students to practice division.

Siemens STEM Day
Siemens STEM Day

The Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education have partnered to create Siemens STEM Day, a beloved K-12 STEM program that offers an extensive library of free, standards-aligned activities that bring science, technology, engineering, and math to life inside and outside the classroom.

Crash Course: Study Hall Algebra #5 - Irrational Numbers
Crash Course

Irrational numbers sound unnatural, but they can actually be found all around us in the simplest shapes.

Crash Course: Statistics #5 - Visualization, Part 1
Crash Course

Today we’re going to start our two-part unit on data visualization.

Crash Course: Statistics #21 - P-Values, Part 1
Crash Course

In this episode we’ll talk about Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (or NHST) which is a framework for comparing two sets of information.

Crash Course: Statistics #39 - Big Data Problems and Solutions
Crash Course

There is a lot of excitement around the field of Big Data, but today we want to take a moment to look at some of the problems it creates.

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