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Girls Who Code: The Perfect Pitch
Girls Who Code

You will invent and pitch a product using just a noun and adjective.

Girls Who Code: Games with Friends
Girls Who Code

In this activity, we’re giving you the materials for a Virtual Game Night!

Girls Who Code: Can I Help You? (Chatbot with Python)
Girls Who Code

In this activity, you will be exploring basic computer science concepts in Python while learning how to help your community by creating a chatbot, or an automated help system!

Girls Who Code: Debug the Maze
Girls Who Code

In this activity, you will get a chance to debug code that is supposed to move a character through a maze.

Girls Who Code: Stay Positive Binary Bracelets
Girls Who Code

It’s important to remain positive and keep our spirits lifted during times of stress and uncertainty. Through this unplugged activity, girls will be able to create bracelets that share positive and uplifting messages by using binary code!

Girls Who Code: Digital Storyteller
Girls Who Code

Learn to program a digital story with Scratch to share an uplifting tale, a funny story, or important information to help people during challenging times.

Girls Who Code: Skillshare / Share Your Skillz
Girls Who Code

Learn how to use HTML and CSS to build a tutorial that teaches someone how to do something.

Girls Who Code: Brave Not Perfect Debugging!
Girls Who Code

In this activity, we will dive deeper into what it means to be brave, not perfect when coding!

Girls Who Code: Friendship Code Chapter 1
Girls Who Code

In this activity you will read the first chapter of the Friendship Code, Lucy Goes to Coding Club.

Girls Who Code: Virtual Hike
Girls Who Code

In this tutorial, learn how to use JavaScript to create a virtual hike, so you and your friends can visit a national park, explore a state park, or even travel to a different country!

Girls Who Code: Algorithmic Artist Game
Girls Who Code

In this unplugged game, you will create algorithms – or instruction sets – by telling a player how to recreate a drawing you made.

Decoding Cancer: Digital Precision Medicine Virtual Lab
Decoding Cancer

In this digital precision medicine lab, students will order tests and examine clinical features of cancers from patients, including gene expression in the cancer and appearance under the microscope, to advise on the best course of treatment.

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