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youcubed: And I’m a Mathematician
youcubed (Stanford University)

Being a mathematician is something that can be a part of who they are and not something distant or inaccessible.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Operation Research Analyst
Carnegie STEM Girls

Operation Research Analyst are hired by organizations to solve problems.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Economist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Economists study the world’s resources and how they are distributed to provide the services we use or the things we buy.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Data Scientist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Data Scientists help companies make better decisions, maximize results, and make deeper connections with their customers.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Auditor
Carnegie STEM Girls

Auditors are a type of accountant in charge of verifying the financial records of companies.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Actuary
Carnegie STEM Girls

Actuaries ask “What are the odds?”

Carnegie STEM Girls: Statistician
Carnegie STEM Girls

Statisticians apply principles of mathematics to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Carnegie STEM Girls: College Professor
Carnegie STEM Girls

College Professors teach students in a wide variety of subjects at the university level.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Emmy Noether
Carnegie STEM Girls

Emmy is best known for her contributions to the fields of abstract algebra and theoretical physics. She also proved the Noether’s Theorem, which was subsequently named after her.

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