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SciGirls - Bat Biologist: Erin Gillam

Meet Erin Gillam, a biologist who uses a virtual bat, which is a technology that mimics real bat sounds and calls. This tool lets her track the how insects react around bats.


SciGirls is a PBS series for kids ages 8-12 that showcases bright, curious real tween girls putting science and engineering to work in their everyday lives.

Freeport - McMoRan Dig Into Mining: Dig Into Mining Careers Exploration
Freeport - McMoRan

Students will answer a series of questions about their preferences, interests, hobbies and skills to uncover a variety of in-demand mining careers that match their responses.

Freeport - McMoran Dig Into Mining: Day of Mining Virtual Field Trip
Freeport - McMoran

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a working copper mine as we hear from different professionals at Freeport-McMoRan and learn about their role in the mining process from mine planning to reclamation!

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