Boeing – FUTURE U: Virtual Field Trip - Innovating the Future

Join Boeing and Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Brains On! Monster Trucks and Car Design
Brains On!

At the third stop on our road trip series, we coast in for a pit stop and check out car design.

Instructables: SIMCLINE - Simulation of Changing Road Incline for Indoor Cycling

Rising the front wheel when training indoor, can help simulate your position on the bike as you ride uphill, which can aid in activating those muscles used when the trainer resistance is increased during climbing. 

Instructables: Morse Code Trainer

This instructable is about learning Morse Code with the aid of a self constructed “Morse Code Trainer”.

Instructables: Non Contact Midi Controller

Making things non-contact has been the trend nowadays.

Raising Dragons
Raising Dragons

Raising Dragons is a site dedicated to raising strong, smart, amazing kids! 

Crash Course Kids: Testing and Trials - Episode 44.2
Crash Course Kids

More trials! This time we need to figure out what to do if you don’t have all the things you’d like to have to perform your tests.

Biosphere 2 Virtual Tour
Biosphere 2

The Biosphere 2 Virtual Tour takes advantage of Google’s enhanced “Street View” technology which allows you to get a first-hand view of your destination using only a web browser and your mouse.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Automotive Engineers
Carnegie STEM Girls

Automotive engineers are on the road to success!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Petroleum Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Petroleum engineers are searching for gold–black gold, that is!

The Kennedy Center: Balancing Mobiles
The Kennedy Center

How do balancing forces relate to the engineering and design of a mobile?

Freeport - McMoRan: Dig Into Mining - Exploring Copper in Cars
Freeport - McMoRan

Bring students on a virtual tour of the ins and outs of electronic and hybrid vehicles to compare and contrast the amount of copper with a gas fuel vehicle.

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