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Maricopa County School Superintendent

Four engineers from Arizona Public Service (APS) talk about the work they do to keep power running for millions of homes and businesses across Arizona.

STEM Pro Live! Palo Verde Nuclear Broadcast
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Palo Verde Generating System sits in western Arizona, about 45 minutes outside of Phoenix. Oftentimes we drive past it but do we really know what they do inside?

STEM Pro Live! First Solar
Maricopa County School Superintendent

This month during STEM Pro Live! we met two engineers, Andrea Buhr and Bryan Skarbek, from First Solar to teach us about the important work they do.

STEM Pro Live! At Palo Verde Generating Station
Maricopa County School Superintendent

This month three engineers from Palo Verde joined us for STEM Pro Live to teach us what they do at the station and how you can prepare for a career in engineering too.

STEM Pro Live! Southwest Gas
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Learn from two STEM Professionals from Southwest Gas.

Discovery Education: Virtual Field Trip - Nuclear Reimagined (Idaho National Laboratory)
Discovery Education

Join the American Nuclear Society, U.S. Department of Energy, and Discovery Education on a journey inside Idaho National Laboratory, the nation’s lead lab for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment.

Science Vs: Nuclear Power - What are the Risks?
Science Vs

We take you inside the core of America’s biggest nuclear power plant and trace what went wrong at Fukushima to try to figure out: when will the next meltdown happen? And what our chances are of getting cancer from it?

Science Vs: 100% Renewable Energy - Can We Do It?
Science Vs

Can America go 100% renewable by 2050? Does the technology already exist?

STEM Careers Coalition: Distillation of Crude Oil (DLB)
STEM Careers Coalition

How important is the process of oil distillation in our everyday lives?

STEM Careers Coalition: Harnessing Energy
STEM Careers Coalition

What should be considered when designing an efficient and reliable power solution?

Arizona Geological Survey: Energy Resources
The University of Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey

Arizona is well-positioned to build out renewable solar, wind, geothermal, and biofuel resources.

Arizona Geological Survey: Geothermal in Arizona
The University of Arizona, Arizona Geological Survey

Why geothermal? Geothermal presents a sustainable, green energy alternative to burning fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal

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