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Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Money Makes the World Go Around
Real World Math

Crisscrossing across the Google Earth globe, students connect the monetary units to the related country in a series of exchange rate problems. 

Mathalicious: Big Foot Conspiracy

In this lesson, students use unit rates to calculate how much different-sized shoes cost per ounce and debate the fairest way for manufacturers to charge for their shoes.

Illuminations: Real Estate Tycoon
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

In this year-long project, students design, “build,” and “sell” a house; after which they simulate investment of the profits in the stock market.

Mathalicious: Coupon Clipping

In this lesson, students reason with percents and proportions to evaluate enticing coupons and debate whether retailers should be allowed to raise the price of items in order to then put them on sale.

Illuminations: Rates and Taxes
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

This activity allows students to become familiar with percents and taxes.

Mathalicious: Need for Speed

In this lesson, students learn that beyond a certain speed, a car’s fuel economy (the distance it can travel per gallon of gas) decreases the faster it goes.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Quantitative Analyst
Carnegie STEM Girls

Quantitative Analysts keep track of the cash!

Mathalicious: Fuel Economy

In this lesson, students use linear equations to compare the costs of driving a car with a standard engine versus a hybrid engine and debate whether new buyers should always go green

Carnegie STEM Girls: Operation Research Analyst
Carnegie STEM Girls

Operation Research Analyst are hired by organizations to solve problems.

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