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STEM Pro LIVE! PCL Construction, Inc
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Hear from two engineers from PCL Construction and about the work they are doing on a wastewater treatment plant and a dam.

STEM Pro Live From Home: CHASSE Building Team
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Learn from three professionals from CHASSE Building Team on how they got started on their STEM professions, what they do and the cool tools they use on a daily basis.

Innovation Generation: Virtual Field Trip
Innovation Generation

Transport students beyond the walls of the classroom and into a Stanley Black & Decker Makerspace where making and doing is a way of life!

Innovation Generation: Career Profiles - Meet Shernale
Innovation Generation

Shernale is a Materials Engineering Manager at Stanley Black & Decker who manages the prototype teams to ensure they have the most high quality materials for their products.

Innovation Generation: Career Profiles - Meet Caroline
Innovation Generation

Caroline is an Outdoor Product Manager at Stanley Black & Decker who ensures that outdoor products like mowers and leaf blowers meet marketplace needs.

Innovation Generation: Career Profiles - Meet Harry
Innovation Generation

Harry is a Technical Innovation Lead at Stanley Black & Decker who devises new and improved methods and protocols for machine operations.

Innovation Generation: Oceans of Drinking Water
Innovation Generation

In this activity, students will learn about a real city that was predicted to run out of water and a potential solution using the process of desalination.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Civil Engineers
Carnegie STEM Girls

Civil Engineers have been around for thousands of years!

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