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Carnegie STEM Girls: Nuclear Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Nuclear Engineers research ways that we can use nuclear energy and radiation.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Materials Scientist
Carnegie STEM Girls

Materials Scientists are similar to materials engineers.

Siemens STEM Day: Keepin It Cool
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will gain an understanding of the engineering design process by designing and observing different containers that slow down the process of heat transfer.

Siemens STEM Day: Oil Spill Cleanup
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will use a variety of materials to attempt to clean up a simulated oil spill.

Siemens STEM Day: Ice Wars
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will create their own insulating “ice chambers” and then test them against the models made by their classmates.

Siemens STEM Day: Recycling Improvements
Siemens STEM Day

After learning about the amount of paper that the United States uses every year, students will observe how homemade recycled paper is made. Upon examining the result, students will be challenged to refine this process in order to produce a paper product.

Siemens STEM Day: Life Cycle of Engineering
Siemens STEM Day

Students will use a life cycle audit to evaluate a product’s environmental impact on society by proposing design changes in order to reduce the negative impact it could have.

Sidedoor: The Mean, Green, Water-Cleaning Machine (Season 2, Ep. 4)
Sidedoor (Smithsonian)

The Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS) is one of the marine ecology field’s best-kept secrets.

Sidedoor: Dynamite! (Season 4, Ep. 11)
Sidedoor (Smithsonian)

In this special episode of Sidedoor, we team up with the history podcast Backstory to explore two less-typical applications of the explosive: the artistic blasting at Mount Rushmore, and how anarchists used dynamite to advance their political agenda in 1886.

Sidedoor: Outer Space & Underwear (Season 5, Ep. 1)
Sidedoor (Smithsonian)

In the Venn diagram of life, it’s hard to imagine what spacecraft and women’s underwear might have in common.

Science Rules! The Hidden Inventors Who Changed the World
Science Rules!

She explains how seemingly modest inventions like glass, the pocket watch, and the telegraph have transformed us all.

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