Calculus 21 listings
youcubed: Exploring Calculus
youcubed (Stanford University)

This page shares some of the lessons we used in our new class for Stanford undergraduates.

youcubed: Bicycle Path
youcubed (Stanford University)

This task launches with a story retold by Ben Orlin about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

youcubed: Curved Shapes
youcubed (Stanford University)

This activity is an occasion for creative and intuitive thinking about the areas of curves, that could be the opportunity for the learning of Reimann Sums and definite integrals. 

youcubed: Walking the Graph
youcubed (Stanford University)

Students often find the interpretation of graphs extremely difficult – this has been shown in research and from many stories of interviews with college students and with younger students.

youcubed: Investigating a Snowflake
youcubed (Stanford University)

To investigate the construction and area of a particular form of snowflake.

youcubed: The Volume of a Lemon
youcubed (Stanford University)

This task is designed to introduce students to the ideas of calculus – in particular, finding the volume of a complex shape (a lemon).

youcubed: Galileo’s Investigation
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity we invite students to conduct their own version of Galileo’s experiment, enabling them to use derivatives as rates and to consider the differences between average and  instantaneous speed.

Khan Academy: Differential Calculus
Khan Academy

Learn differential calculus for free—limits, continuity, derivatives, and derivative applications.

Khan Academy: Integral Calculus
Khan Academy

How do you find the area under a curve? What about the length of any curve? Is there a way to make sense out of the idea of adding infinitely many infinitely small things?

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