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The Kennedy Center: Creating AB Patterns
The Kennedy Center

In this K-2 lesson, students will construct patterns using visual arts designs and math manipulatives.

StarTalk: Science is Fierce

Neil and co-host Lynne Koplitz become wrapped up in cutting-edge fashion concepts like self-heating clothing, aromatic fabrics and dissolving dresses.

The Kennedy Center: Mandalas, Polygons, and Symmetry
The Kennedy Center

In this 6-8 lesson, students will create mandalas using mathematical concepts and skills.

Raising Dragons: Oil and Water Art
Raising Dragons

This activity is a beautiful combination of science and art.

The Kennedy Center: Get Inside a Cell!
The Kennedy Center

Investigate how form and function are related in cells through scientific illustration.

Raising Dragons: Tie-Dye Milk
Raising Dragons

This is one of our favorite classic experiments that never gets old!

The Kennedy Center: Medieval and Renaissance Art - Botanical Symbolism
The Kennedy Center

How was the symbolism of flowers relevant to Medieval and Renaissance art?

Raising Dragons: Vinegar and Baking Soda Art
Raising Dragons

Easy way to combine science and art!

11th Annual International Student Art Contest
Space Foundation

Student artists ages 3–18 are invited to participate by creating and submitting original, space-oriented artwork based on this year’s theme: How Space Technology Helps Improve Life on Earth

The Kennedy Center: Patterns Across Cultures - The Fibonacci Sequence in Visual Art
The Kennedy Center

Exploring where the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio appear in nature and the visual arts.

Mathalicious: Frame Rate

In this lesson, students use unit rates to explore the frame rate of a camera and video player.

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