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PBS Kids: Wild Kratts Creature Math
PBS Kids

Creature Math helps children practice addition and subtraction as they create their very own animal habitat, filled with cool creature pals!

ABCya! Clear It Multiplication

Clear It Multiplication is a cool math game to practice and extend math factors.

ABCya! Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives: Fraction, Decimal & Percent Tiles is a great way for students to explore and understand how parts make up a whole.

ABCya! Math Quiz

Math Quiz is a great way to check math skills!

ABCya! Number Chart

Number Chart is a fun and educational activity, which helps children see the relationships and patterns among numbers up to 120.

ABCya! The Sum of All Dice

The Sum of All Dice is a great game for children to practice addition!

ABCya! Marble Math Addition

Addition with manipulatives.

ABCya! Comparing Number Values

Comparing Number Values is an educational game for kids to practice greater than, less than, and equal drills.

ABCya! Fuzz Bugs Graphing

Creating and interpreting a bar graph has never been so much fun!

ABCya! Math Stack

Math Stack is fun game to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division!

ABCya! Number Grid Fireworks

This educational activity helps kids to develop an understanding of patterns and number relationships by utilizing a number grid.

ABCya! Zero Sum

Welcome to Zero Sum, a fun math-puzzle game!

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