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Crash Course: Study Hall Algebra Preview
Crash Course

In this new 15 episode Learning Playlist, James Tanton will guide us through solving equations and understanding how math works with our very human brains.

Mathalicious: XBOX Xponential

Students create exponential models to predict the speed of video game processors over time, compare their predictions to observed speeds, and consider the consequences as digital simulations become increasingly lifelike.

Mathalicious: Text Me Later

Students use proportional reasoning to determine how far a car travels in the time it takes to text.

Mathalicious: It's a Date

In this lesson, students examine some other ways to keep track of dates, and use number sense and function concepts to convert among different calendars.

Mathalicious: Going Once, Going Twice

In this lesson, students create polynomial functions to model the expected value of a given bid and determine the optimal amount someone should bid in any auction.

youcubed: Mathematical Mindset Algebra
youcubed (Stanford University)

This 4-week curriculum unit we have developed is one that can be used to introduce algebraic concepts at any grade level.

Illuminations: Classic Middle-Grades Problems for the Classroom
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

This lesson presents two classic problems (Mangoes ProblemĀ andĀ Sailors and Coconuts) that can be represented and solved in several different ways.

Illuminations: Gather Data
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

To test their conjectures, students gather data using one of three different methods: using a simulated online dive; covering a tank with plexiglass to simulate ocean water; or, incrementally filling a column with water to simulate increasing depth.

Illuminations: Hanging Chains
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Both ends of a small chain will be attached to a board with a grid on it to (roughly) form a parabola.

NRICH: Crossed Ends
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

Crosses can be drawn on number grids of various sizes. What do you notice when you add opposite ends?

NRICH: Plus Minus
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

Can you explain the surprising results Jo found when she calculated the difference between square numbers?

NRICH: Order the Products
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

Can you put these products in order of size?

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