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STEM Pro Live! Boeing
Maricopa County School Superintendent

Join us for our last STEM Pro Live for the school year featuring Boeing.  We will be joined by two Boeing professionals to learn more about their journey and what they do at Boeing, focusing on Boeing’s environmental efforts.

SciGirls Connect: Parachute Parade
SciGirls Connect

Skydivers rely on parachutes to slow them down as they fall from frightening heights.

Boeing – FUTURE U: Virtual Field Trip - Innovating the Future

Join Boeing and Discovery Education on a mission to inspire the world through aerospace innovation with an exclusive virtual field trip to historic Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Space Station Explorers: Space Station Explorers STEM Guide
Space Station Explorers

Download a guide that includes hands-on, space-themed learning activities for students in grades 3-8. 

Brains On! Mission to Pluto!
Brains On!

We talk to Dr. Alan Stern, the leader of NASA’s mission to Pluto – New Horizons.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Aerospace Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Have you ever wanted to tell your friends that you know “rocket science”?

Carnegie STEM Girls: Nautical Engineer
Carnegie STEM Girls

Nautical Engineers ensure that traveling by water is smooth sailing.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Beatrice “Tilly” Shilling
Carnegie STEM Girls

During World War II, Royal Air Force fighters sometimes had issues diving while in combat because their engines would be flooded with excess fuel and cut out. Tilly devised a simple solution to this problem

Siemens STEM Day: Geronimo
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will test the effectiveness of different parachute designs.

Siemens STEM Day: Hang Time
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity teams design, build, and test paper helicopters to observe a relationship between blade surface area and descent rate.

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