Why are STEM Events Important?



In the community, Arizona SciTech has a strong, positive impact on:

  • Businesses by identifying the most time-effective and impactful strategies to engage with the community about what they do and future career choices. 100+ businesses represented by Technology & Innovation, Aerospace & Defense, Renewable Energy, Bioscience & Health, Advance Manufacturing and Business Services have engaged.
  • Schools (K-12) by strengthening relationships with local business, colleges and governments and providing their students and teachers high-impact settings to share their passion for STEM. 60+ school districts (representing 900+ schools) have engaged their communities. 
  • Existing events by increasing attendance and diversifying content through the incorporation of science into unexpected venues and events. 
  • Cities by convening community stakeholders and focusing on a highly-visible, STEM- based initiative. Chandler, for example, recruited a new company as a result of their engagement.
  • Rural Communities by recognizing STEM-related partners and resources in their community.

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