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September 10, 2018
at 4:08 pm

8th Annual Kickoff Conference

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Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Using Technology to Personalize Learning”

Track: STEM in Education

Come explore how Arizona State University has developed interdisciplinary STEM education resources, grounded in education research and specifically designed for middle and high school educators and their needs.

Research evidence has shown the value of both active learning and adaptive feedback (VanLehn, 2011; Freeman et al., 2014); both have been incorporated in two types of exploratory activities. These two types of exploratory activities include (1) immersive, game-like, space explorations and (2) virtual field trip earth explorations. Activities engage STEM learners with interdisciplinary examples such as: using models to explain phenomena like solar eclipses, deriving Kepler’s third law of planetary motion, connecting Mars rover site data to Earth observations, and collecting global evidence for the mass extinction of dinosaurs.

Every experience includes fully defined 5E lesson plans and alignment documents for both formal and informal audiences with embedded teacher and time management tips, and misconception alerts. Receive your personal invitation to join the Infiniscope Teaching Network, a digital platform that empowers a community of educators to collaborate, create, customize, and share these next-generation exploratory activities with other network members. Experience examples of active learning, adaptive feedback, customized experiences, and experiences built from scratch in a professional development program coming soon.


Session Lead: Jessica Swann, Community Manager, Infiniscope


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