AZ STEM Festival

2017 Session: “How Does a Community Design Itself? — Community-Engaged Design Through Prototyping”

July 27, 2017 9:07 pm

Track: Art, Design Through STEM 

The City of Mesa has been testing a series of thoughtful and connected activities that seek to transform Mesa’s downtown and public spaces by involving residents in discovering and designing the heart of the city. Mesa’s Downtown Lab Project (D-Lab) and Main Street Prototyping Festival (11/17-18) are key parts of this creative placemaking initiative, creating temporary installations to test ideas, and inviting the community to come play, explore and provide feedback. Hear from project coordinators and involved artists, architects and designers what is involved in this project and why it matters.







  • Jeff McVay, Manager of Downtown Transformation, City of Mesa





  • Jérémy Chevallier, Founder & Creative Director, Conscious Creative 









  • Alison Colwell, Principal, Colwell Shelor Landscape Architecture 






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