AZ STEM Festival

2017 Session: “Educator STEM Innovation Swap”

August 3, 2017 11:18 pm

Track: STEM Instruction 

Educators, are you looking for resources, takeaways, ideas, contacts, and more to bring back to your school and classrooms? Look no further as we have brought the pros to you!

Whether you are looking for free STEM materials for your classroom, want to learn ways to integrate the A into STEM, are trying to figure out how to establish partnerships to enhance your STEM instruction, or are seeking tips and tricks to organize and enhance your very own school STEM Fest, look no further than the Educator STEM Innovation Swap!

Learn from the STEM Masters who want to give, help, and share their inside scoop and best practices with YOU


How does this session work? Educators have the chance to attend 3-4 speed-dating-style “rotations” and learn from and talk to the best! Connect, learn, share contact information, and more! **Space for over 100 educators to attend!** 


  • Free STEM Materials, Grants, and Resources for your Classroom – This workshop will look at the Curriculum Materials, STEM Kits, Grants, and support the Civil Air Patrol offers Educators and Schools across the United States. We’ll look at the AEM Program, our support of STEM Academies here in Arizona, and the free resources available to Educators, including several Door Prizes! 
  • Establishing Partnerships To Enhance STEM Instruction – Participants will learn how Canyon Ridge creates, maintains and supports partnerships that support instruction to ensure students develop connections between STEM learning and real world applications. 
  • Integrating STEM into the Curriculum Through the Engineering Design Process – We will show how to use the engineering design process to implement STEM into ELA, math, and Social Studies. 
    • Presenters: Heather Haynie (5th/6th Grade Teacher, Mendoza Elementary) & Sandy Petrunia (5th Grade Teacher, Mendoza Elementary)

  • Planting the Seeds for Your STEAM Network – From finding local and state resources to how to bring Pop-culture, maker spaces and other 21st century skills into your STEAM ecosystem. Join the CEO of RealTimeSTEAM as she helps you cultivate your STEAM connections 
  • Organizing a District Wide STEM Fest- Learn from the Pros Who Make it Happen! – Learn how to get schools and partner organizations involved in a successful district-wide SciTech Festival.  Without the assistance of local governments, J.O. Combs has grown their festival to over 600 participants.  Find out how you can, too! 
    • Presenters: Kelly Guerra (Coordinator of Community Education, 480-987-5322 (main contact for event)) & Marcus Berkshire (Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment)

  • The DISCOVERoom and its Invention Bin – The DISCOVERoom is a science and engineering playroom started by parents in 2 schools in the Kyrene School district. It’s aim is give kids more opportunities for self-directed science and engineering inquiry, and seeks to be the hub of a STEM echo-system with the student and their families at the center, and school as the medium by which to engage kids with STEM community professionals from ASU and local industries. 
  • Putting the A in STEM with MIM – As an Education Specialist and member of the MIM Advisory Board, Denise Hicks has brought to the Avondale School District a generous grant that allows our students to experience the world of music for FREE. MIM’s world-class museum offers two unique hand-on opportunities for students, which you can learn about at this rotation! 
    • Presenter: Denise Hicks (Avondale School District) 
  • Bringing Pop Culture into Education – Learn how utilizing culturally-relevant tools (ie hip hop, arts performance, & digital design) can help introduce students to computer science, create an environment to access to community leaders for learning about STEAM, and help students gain critical resources for college preparation. 
    • Presenter: Loretta Cheeks (Turn Up for STEAM)
  • Small City Making a Big Difference: The Garden Project – Michael Anderson School CSOs will build a model of our garden and explain the steps we are taking to grow vegetables that will be sold in our community. Our CSOs will also explain the process they are implementing to teach their peers how to recycle food by using compost bins. 
    • Presenters: Adriana Gilcreest (Science Teacher, Michael Anderson School), Esteban Baron (Chief Science Officer, Michael Anderson School), Yanira Martinez Bello (Chief Science Officer, Michael Anderson School), Angel Lopez (Chief Science Officer, Michael Anderson School)
  • STEM Thinking in Social Studies and Language ArtsLearn about engaging ways to inspire STEM students in Language Arts and Social Studies through hands-on activities. 
  • The Inside Scoop on Creating and Maintaining After School STEM Clubs – Learn from the pros who are doing it how to create and sustain a variety of successful after school clubs, including STEM clubs! 
    • Presenters: Liz Burton (Principal, Saddle Mountain Unified School District, Tartesso Elementary School, & Ben Doerksen (Student, Saddle Mountain Unified School District, Tartesso Elementary School)

  • All About School STEM Nights – Want to learn how to organize a successful school STEM night? Learn tips and tricks from the school leaders who are doing it! 
    • Presenter: Laura Feddersen (Canyon Springs School STEM Night, Anthem)
  • Building STEM Learning Programs on a Shoestring Budget – This session will give brief overview of creative low-cost, no-cost ways to engage students in STEM learning. Ideas and suggestions offered from the perspective of teachers from a Title I school.  
    • Presenter: Diana Bonney, Orangewood Elementary 
  • YESWeCan! Shaping the Engineering Identity of Female Students. – Stop by and learn about Young Engineers Shape the World – a new program offered by the Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU. Learn about how this program engages female high school students and what you can do in your classroom to make engineering more relevant for your female students.
    • Presenter: Lauren Preble, Arizona State University, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Coordinator K-14 Engineering Education and Outreach,, 480-965-0100


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