AZ STEM Festival

2017 Session: “Drones in the Classroom”

August 7, 2017 11:04 pm

Track: STEM Instruction 

STEM Revolution brings a comprehensive, proven program to schools, school districts, and communities around the globe. Our company offers a full methodology with entry points that include world-class STEM Teacher Training, a mobile classroom (the STEM Bus), cutting-edge camps, after school workshops, and strategic STEM planning roadmaps for schools. Designed by Stanford and MIT PhDs, our programs use the latest technology such as virtual reality, drones, and robotics, to teach skills anyone can take with them into the classroom and beyond.

In this session, participants will explore and play with drones while identifying some realistic ways a teacher could integrate drones into their curriculum. Participants will have the opportunity to fly our Parrot Drone and check out our thermal camera. We will also be exploring a variety of classroom activities related to Bernoulli’s Principle to better understand the science behind drones. Can you use a drone in Language Arts, Social Studies, PE, Math, etc? You bet you can! We’ll show you how. 








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